Shining Light Project

Music Bringing Light!

In 2012, Pan Harmonia launched Shining Light Project to bring light through chamber music to underserved people in Western North Carolina. Beyond the world of traditional concerts and performances, this venture provides free programs of live music to those often forgotten in our community: our neighbors in nursing homes, homeless shelters, prisons and other such facilities. Pan Harmonia musicians truly believe that music brings light to places where it struggles to shine, working its way through adverse conditions to bring clarity and joy.

A lovely time at HVOC, March 2014

Pan Harmonia seeks to spark thought and discovery, and to sooth and excite through music. We connect with all facets of our community and bring music to those who may be struggling or are disadvantaged– people who could benefit from a glimpse into the musical world.

Shining Light Project is completely supported by private donations. If you would like to participate in this initiative, please consider a donation to Pan Harmonia. All donations are tax-deductible. Also, if you would like to recommendate a facility for us to serve, please write Rosalind and let us know.


November 21 - performance for adults with developmental disabilities, at Haywood Vocational Occupation Center

November 23 - performance for inmates at Craggy Correctional Center, Asheville READ MORE HERE

March 12 – performance for homeless men at Western Carolina Rescue Ministry, Asheville

March 29  – performance for homeless community at Church of the Advocate, Asheville


October 24 – performance for homeless men at Western Carolina Rescue Ministry, Asheville

November 7 - performances for seniors at the Battery Park Apartments, Asheville

January 15 - performance for homeless at The Haywood Street Congregation, Asheville

January 21 - performance for men at Craggy Correctional Center, Asheville
This concert was rescheduled to November 2014, due to a prisoner escape.

Theresa is deaf but loves feeling the vibrations from Amy’s guitar.

March 10 – performance for adults at Haywood Vocational Occupation Center
More photos can be viewed here.

July 1 - performances for seniors at the Jewish Community Center’s Day Club, Asheville.


December 6 – performances for seniors at the Jewish Community Center’s Day Club and the Battery Park Apartments

January 24  - performance for homeless men, Western Carolina Rescue Ministry

February 1 - performances for adults with developmental disabilities, Haywood Vocational Opportunities in Haywood County

February 5 - performance for Swannanoa Women’s Correction Center

February 19 - performance for 3-5 year-olds at Asheville Montessori School

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